Life Insurance

What Our Clients Say

  • Diana Skellet

    Diana Skellet

    I contacted Safe Pacific Financial last year about an insurance strategy that would work for me and my husband after getting married and purchasing a home. I met with Robert who has knowledgeable and helpful in explaining the process of insurance plans. He put together multiple options that suited our needs and walked us through each of them to help us in our decision. I am extremely happy with the service that we received have recommended Safe Pacific to many!

  • Brook Ewert

    Brook Ewert

    I spent close to a year reviewing multiple insurance company policies before choosing to go with Robert and Laurent at Safe Pacific. The differences in cost-to-benefit of each policy I looked at while doing my due diligence was rather substantial. Safe Pacific's access to multiple providers yielded the cheapest and best policy I could find. Plus they're good guys, and that's worth a heck of a lot in my books when buying something like insurance.

Business Owners Insurance

What Type of Insurance Should I Consider as a Business Owner?

As a business owner there are a lot of questions when it comes to insurance.

  • How do I protect my business?
  • How do I ensure that I'm covered for the "What If" situations.
  • How do I protect my key employees?
  • Which insurance am I ready to get now and what should I get later?
  • Can I have my business buy the insurance and not be paying personally?
  • Are there ways to invest with Insurance using my business?

Learn the Secrets on how you can Protect and Profit from Insurance as a Business Owner.