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Infinite Banking Vancouver

We are one of Canada's leading financial companies teaching Canadians the power of using infinite banking as a financial tool. Our clients are families, professionals and business owners. We listen to your financial goals and help you reach them given your circumstances and budget.

We offer advice and planning for your Infinite Banking, Life Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance, Disability Insurance, Extended Health and Group Benefits, Travel Insurance, Retirement Planning, RRSP, TFSA and RESP needs. Safe Pacific Financial Inc. is licensed with the Insurance Council of British Columbia and our expert financial security advisors have years of experience. We have built a cross-Canada network of professionals that allow us to work with clients from all over the country. We are your link for getting access to the top Canadian insurance and investment companies.

Why Safe Pacific for Infinite Banking Vancouver?

  • We are independent and work in your best interest.
  • We care and are a part of your community.
  • Our philosophy is simple: "Independent. Relationship focussed. No pressure. No rush."
  • We tailor plans around your goals, circumstances and budget.
  • We offer full service advice and planning.
  • We're licensed with the Insurance Council of British Columbia.

Vancouver Infinite Banking

At Safe Pacific Financial Inc. our financial experts specialize in utilizing infinite banking to help clients reach their financial goals. With infinite banking in Vancouver, your financial growth is tax efficient and you can get compound interest to work for you. Infinite banking is highly liquid and your wealth can be built generationally. Have more control over your own finances with infinite banking.

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  • Roy Rogers

    Roy Rogers

    I believe I was one the first clients for Laurent and Robert when I initiated my first Infinite Banking universal life policy with them in 2011. It has been a pleasure working with them over the years and I would highly recommend their professional service for your investment needs.

  • William Hall

    William Hall

    Working with Rob and Laurent was a real pleasure. Although the investment products we were talking about were very complex, they both were really great at breaking things down and explaining how they worked. Would highly recommend Safe Pacific to anyone who is thinking about long-term wealth creation and creating a strong financial foundation for themselves and their family.