Life Insurance

This is a great strategy for Canadians – and an especially great strategy for Canadian business owners. When you use this strategy in your company or holding company, the benefits – and tax savings - are magnified.

There are not a lot of experts in the country who can set this up for your business. Click here for a video about the benefits and get in touch with one of our licensed advisors to structure this for your company.

An innovative strategy that enables a business owner or key professional to leverage the benefits of insurance to manage health risk plus provide a solid, risk-free return on investment to the client.

This strategy is now the go-to strategy to meet the tax-efficient savings needs of incorporated professionals and business owners looking to access retained earnings from their companies.

This strategy can also be called "shared ownership critical illness" depending on which book or whitepaper you read.  The name EHSP is a brand name from Desjardins Insurance for this strategy.

The Million Dollar Baby Plan is one of the most powerful ways you can set your kids up for life. This savings plan grows with your children and provides money at the right time for the key milestone events in their life including school, first home, wedding and starting a business.

Click here for our video on a safe, simple and proven way to set your kids up for life.

When you buy a home and get a mortgage, the lender will offer you their only option for “mortgage insurance”. Is this the best choice for you?

Watch the 2 videos on this page before you sign any papers – so you can make the best, and accurate informed decision to protect you and your family.

This strategy has got a lot of press in the US recently, but what does that mean for Canadians and Canadian families? How does it work? Can you do it here? What are the benefits and differences when setting this up in Canada vs. in the USA?

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