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The Million Dollar Baby Plan is One of the Most Powerful Ways You Can Set Your Kids Up for Their Whole Life


This is a safe, simple & proven way to set your kids up for life.

This is an old concept that we've innovated to work for young parents and grandparents in Canada.

Most children will grow up and eventually have the same large life milestone expenses.

These are usually expensive endeavours that you need to prepare for in advance.

  •   school and extra-curricular activity expenses
  •   going to university
  •   buying your first house
  •   paying for a wedding
  •   paying for retirement
  •   and having money on hand to take advantage of investments and business opportunities that will come up along the way

What is The Million Dollar Baby Plan?

insurance plan

A safe and secure savings plan for kids that grows with them and can be used for the major purchases in their lives.

BONUS - The core element is a participating whole life policy that also includes a life insurance component – so your child is protected for life.

Who is it for?

This concept is for parents and grandparents who love their kids and want to put savings in place to pay for their major life expenses.


Sample Million Dollar Baby Plan

View what a sample million dollar baby plan looks like.

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